RentAClue Consulting

RentAClue Consulting provides these services:

  • Unix system design, installation, configuration and administration
  • Small business support for in-house systems, laptops, etc.
    • Quoting and handling purchase of hardware and software
    • Installation of infrastructure (e.g., network and phone system wiring)
    • Deployment of systems and software
    • Working with vendors as "local IT experts"
    • Troubleshooting hardware/software issues
    • Liaison between customer and software vendors to "speak geek".
  • Web site design, automation and management
  • Web site photography and image editing
  • Email system design and management
  • High-performance compute cluster design and management
  • Custom tools to bridge the gap between Microsoft and Unix environments

My "day job" is to provide Security Architecture and Engineering for a major midwestern medical institution.

My résumé is on-line if you're interested...

This site is for private consulting, hobbies and other interests outside the bounds of my current employer.

This site is not affiliated with, although we share many of the same tongue-in-cheek attitudes...

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